Dick Harrell Camaro Project

Over the course of his 40+ years in drag racing, Dale Pulde has worked and raced with some incredible individuals.  The late Dick Harrell is among those Dale admired and respected, and to this day he misses and speaks fondly of his time spent with the knowledgeable Harrell, or "Mr. Chevrolet".

In the early 2000s, Dale was able to help pay tribute to his mentor and fallen friend by helping spearhead a limited edition Camaro with the help of Matt Murphy at GMMC.  Every detail was overseen by Dale and girlfriend Valerie Harrell, and within a couple of years the project car was completed.  Sporting a 427 c.i. LS6 which produces over 650 h.p. and complemented by an array of superior advances in suspension and drive train components, there's no doubt that "Mr. Chevrolet" himself wouldn't be more proud.

Pulde and Harrell competing at Bristol International Raceway-1968

Harrell was a mentor to Pulde early in his career.

2007 Chevy Rumble feature story on the Dick Harrell Camaro as a PDF.



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